Vail Family Daycare


Full Time Openings Currently Available -- Please contact Alexandria for more information. Feel free to email us at: or call 559-772-2943.

At Vail Family Daycare, we offer child care in a “home like” setting.  A family child care home, in my opinion is the best child care option there is for working parents. Your child is cared for in a safe and secure environment arranged to assist in their natural growth and development. We offer a home away from home atmosphere providing children with “siblings” of all ages with whom to play, socialize, and learn. My goal in providing quality child care for your child is to provide…     

  1. A safe home boasts a fully fenced in back yard, safety gates, and child-proofing inside the home. We also meet all building code requirements for fire-safety including: ABC fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in every care room and in every sleeping area.

  2.  A nurturing environment...Children should be hugged, held and cuddled as much as possible and as much as they need.

  3. A learning environment… learning is not necessarily the ABC’s and 123’s, but is also the learning of values. The values of: honesty, respect, self–reliance, and potential; self-discipline, and moderation; and the values of being: dependable, loving, sensitive to others, kind, friendly and fair.

  4. To foster unconditional love… this kind of love is very important to me because children should know and understand that regardless of their behavior or choices they are loved just for being who they are!

  5. Communication is the key to a successful child care arrangement. You, the parent, and myself as the provider need to have a good working relationship so we can communicate and work together. Parent and provider need to exchange pertinent information in the child’s life such as changes in routine, special events, or activities; as well as changes such as a death, divorce, separation, moving, visitors, etc. All this information can be important in understanding the child’s feelings, behavior, and well being. 

I invite you to share with me in writing, by telephone, or schedule an appointment to talk about your concerns in any area regarding your child's care! Open communication is no.1 on my priority scale.


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